Carpenters News Archive ’99-’07

You may want to know a bit of backgroud:
This is an archive of the news I have posted  in the past.
You may wonder why a Japanese person was updating Carpenters related news as diligent as you see it here.

Back when I started creating a website, there were so many Japan-only releases, and people outside Japan had no clue.As I have written all the liner notes for Carpenters official releases here in Japan, people on the mailing list often addressed me such questions.

Also I had a very close connection with Japanese record company. I used to get  firsthand info from Carpenters’ A&R. My info was very fast and accurate. That was why all the fans  both  in domestic and in abroad relied on my info early to mid 2000’s.
I hope you enjoy going through OUR history.

 Yuka Ogura / March 2012


<Postponed or cancelled?! : New DVD “Live at BBC” >>(May. 26,2007)

*Nothing unusual about another push back. Universal Music International Japan has pulled out DVD”live at BBC” from their upcoming release schedule. UMI does not know if it means a push back or a cancellation. They hope it is a push back. It sounded like it has gotten on hold by Richard’s request.

<New DVD “Live at BBC” >(Feb. 14,2007)

*Rumors long have been said Richard had obtained rights to Carpenters BBC performances. Finally, it will come out as DVD”Live at BBC”. It is slated to be released on April, 25. 2007 in Japan. According to my source, it should contain 60 minute documenatry on Carpenters including Richard’s latest interview, ’76 gig (27 min.), ’74 gig(45min.) and 71 gig (50 min.). I wonder if 71 footage includes Tony Joe White??

<Singles Collection Box New Release Date >(Nov. 6,2006)

*New and final release date is now set on December 13, 2006. Absolutely no further delay I was assured. Richard has approved everything now.

<Singles Collection Box New Release Date >(Oct. 15,2006)

*It will delay not for months but for days. 21days to be exact. New release date is November 22nd. No further delay, please!

<Japanese indie Carpenters cover compilation[Do you like pop music like a “he,she & I”?]>(Oct. 7,2006)

*10 Japanese indie artists got together and covered Carpenters hit songs on the album [Do you like pop music like a “he, she &I”? ] . I have no idea what this interesting title means. I am usually able to tell what it means when I see funny English phrases written by a Japanese with very little command of English. It may be meant something like…..” Do you like pop music” is okay. “like a” part is a puzzling, probably “just like”? Then what is “he, she &I”. My wild guess is, he=Richard, she=Karen, I= whichever artist covering a C song. My guess about this title is something like, Do you like pop music like Richard, Karen and I do? But I am still wondering about “like a” part. Here is link to this item. I will be happy to get it for you if you would like.

<Singles Collection Box release may delay further>(Oct. 7,2006)

*Okay, we are very much used to the state of waiting for a new release. Singles box is going to be released very soon, but may not be on November 1st. It may delay a few days to maybe a week. That is no big deal. We had waited this release for years!

<Singles Collection Box release info>(April 26,2006)

*Folks, the release has been postponed further. All those online shop need to tell you that it has been cancelled as Universal Music has pulled it out from their release schedule completely. Bu it IS coming. The very person in charge and on top of this says, “Please expect it in the fall/winter of 2006. Hopefully by or in November.” Why? It looks like they had a change of heart, so to speak. UM says,”We are going to include nothing but Japanese original single mixes. ” And they are searching for original master tapes now. It was not that way before. I am guessing out loud that maybe King Record had agreed to let UM search their vault for original master tapes? Anyway, we are soooooo used to this “waiting” thing for so long. What’s another half a year?!

<New DVD release –“Rock Legend” series>(Feb 24,2006)

*This is a new series being created at the moment. Pony Canyon in Japan will release it first, and then some place else in the world. 10 titles of Rock Legend is being created at the moment, and one of them is Carpenters. Probably it will be aired in the U. S. etc but we do not know for sure. The only thing we know is that it will be released in Japan first. And “Rock Legend/ Carpenters” is slated to be released in early June in Japan. When you order, be ware of regional code. Japanese regional code is 2, so as in Europe. But North American is regional code 1.

<Carpenters Encounter 2007 ~World Contact Days>(Feb 6,2006)

*It is about time we will have another get together packed with fun and friendship, and of course Carpenters music! Please visit an official website of this event.

<Release info>(Feb 6,2006)

*A source tells me it is going to be June 2nd that the singles boxset will be released. Fingers crossed!

<Release delay>(Feb 4,2006)

*Actually there is nothing unordinary about Carpenters releases being delayed. We had waited this for years, a few months of push back does not seem to be too long. “Single Collection Box” should come out in the spring, probably in May. Now Universal Music is looking at including original Japanese single mix rather than including something different when master tapes of those are missing. As an enthusiastic Carpenters fan myself, I welcome their decision. I would rather wait than to have the product hastily created with half-heartedly. I am still taking orders. If you would like to secure your set, Find out details here.

<Pre-Order info>(Dec 21,2005)

*I am accepting pre-order for “Single Collection Box” which is to be released on Karen’s birthday in 2006. This is going to be one of a kind boxset released only in Japan. Find out details here.

<Release info>(Sep 30,2005)

*Universal Music Japan will release Karaoke as a part of 2CD set celebrating 10th anniversary of “22 Hits” release. There will be “Sing” added on Karaoke. Release date looks like to be December 7th.

*Universal Music Japan is planning a SINGLES BOXSET some time in 2006. Original single mix as well as B side tracks will be included. What more is being discussed. Stay tuned.

<Release info>(May 20,2005)

*It started sound like the info I had posted on April 2 was one of those April fools’ stuff and I took it too seriously. It was not coming from an official source but my hopeful heart took it seriously. So, in hope for such release. I will leave the info.

*Universal Music Japan will be releasing something — I need to find out! — on June 25th. It looks like it is one of those cheap line thing… Nothing too important unless you are a fierce collector and has to have everything that has been released.

<New release info>(April 2,2005)

*Richard’s much awaited new Christmas album should be released this fall — finally, people!! It is said that a track or two containing Karen’s vocal may be included. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

<Re-release info>(March 11,2005)

*It is not really any news, but Japanse GOLD will be re-issued in late April. I hope it will go on a hit chart like UK does. We will see!

<Photos from CPAC event on Oct.2,2004>(Dec 5,2004)

*THere are some very nice photos on Richard’s official website on CPAC’s 10th anniversary event which took place on Oct.2.

<NHK TV pogram to be broadcasted on Nov.2>(Oct 31,2004)

*NHK program will be broadcasted on November 2nd and 21st on High Vision channel. Then on Sattelite Channel 2 on NHK in early December.

<No SACD to be released in Japan>(Oct 12,2004)

*It really does not make a news but…… there is no SACD release in Japan! It is going to be North American only, I heard.

*NHK program will be broadcasted on November 2nd.

<New Carpenters TV program on NHK Japan>(Oct 2,2004)

*There will be another TV program on Carpenters broadcasted by NHK High Vision channel. And the airing date has been pushed back to early November. Richard has authorized this program, I believe. I hope the program will premiere some rare footages, but I guess things become predictable when Richard is involved.

<New Carpenters TV program on NHK Japan>(Aug 25,2004)

*Another Japanese TV program on Carpenters will be broadcasted on NHK Satellite channel in Japan in mid October. Things are still very sketchy though.

<DVD “This is Your Life” coming soon>(July 1,2004)

*Anybody remembers Karen and Richard appearing on “This is Your Life”? They appeared on the show and it is going to be on DVD soon. Please see here for detail.

<Regional code2: Close to you Remembering the Carpenters DVD>(June 20,2004)

*DVD “Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters” will be re-released in Japan on August 25. It is regional code 2for Japan and Europe. Retail price is approx. $28 which is a very nice price in Japan. As this title used to cost close to $60 in retail, it is a good news for the Japanese fans. If anybody in Europe find this price to be good for them, they should check online shops in late August.

<Richard will perform at CPAC in Oct.>/(June 20,2004)

*Richard Carpenter will be performing at Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center (CPAC) at Cal State Long Beach on October 8,2004.

<Finally, an official website!! >(May 7,2004)

*Can’t believe Richard finally got to it! He actually owns at least a few Carpenters related domain names but never put out any website for years. There is not much there yet, but it is worth visiting. Here’s Carpenters official website, people!!

<David Alley fired>

*David Alley is no longer Richard’s manager, I heard. And the source reveals he was fired right after TOTW2 fundraiser. Did I miss anything there?

<Top of the World Fundraiser 3&gt;(March 26,2004)

*Top of the World fundraiser 3 at CPAC will be held on March 12, 2005. I had participated TOTW2 on March 20,2004. It was FUN!!

I am planning on participate it again next year. Hope you can join us!!

<karen’s crypt has been moved!>(Dec 20,2003)

*It looks like Karen’s crypt at Cypress Forest Lawn has been moved. Probably Karen and her parents are now at closet to where Richard and his family is residing.

<35th Anniversary boxset delay>(Dec 2,2003)

*Because of the revision of liner notes Richard requested, 35th Anniversary boxset cannot be released on the 17th of December. It will be on Christmas Even. Boxset comes with a black silk handkerchief with gold logo.

<karaoke “Sing” is in the making>(oct 7,2003)

*Richard is currently working on creating Karaoke of “Sing” at the Capitol studio in LA. It will be included on the single CD of “Top of the World” which is the theme song for a Japanese TV drama called “Beginner”.

<35th Anniversary boxset to be released in December>(Sep 17,2003)

*This boxset will contain what it contained in the 30th anniversary boxset plus 2 Christmas albums! Please read the detail here.

<No Christmas album from Richard>(July 22,2003)

*Well, I do not know why but it looks like Richard is not releasing his new Christmas album…… at least not this year.

<“Carpenters performs Carpenter” >(June 13,2003)

*Another compilation album coming up. It is entitled “Carpenters performs Carpenter” or something in the vein. Compilation of Richard Carpenter/John Bettis compositions performed by Carpenters is to be released in the U.S. on July 29.

<Top Of The World Fundraiser >(Feb 8,2003)

*On March 1, 2003, Richard Carpenter will be hosting “Top of the World Fundraiser” at Carpenter Performing Arts Center at CAL state Long Beach. His Baldwin Piano will be auctioned. Find more detail at CPAC website.

<Karen on BBC>(December 30,2002)

*The BBC series called “Living Famously” (previous working title was “Legends”) will air their Karen Carpenter episode (one of 25 or so in a series) on Monday, January 27, 2003 on BBC-2. Thanks, Randy, for the info.

<Richard’s new music?>(December 28,2002)

*A source revealed that Richard has been working on music for some kind of animation.

<GORGEOUS!! Akiko Kobayashi sings Carpenters with Moscow Symphony Orchestra>(December 8,2002)

*Akiko Kobayashi –a female Japanese singer whose “City of Angeles” album was produced by Richard, and Akiko toured Japan with Richard as a vocalist taking Karen’s place back in the late 80’s– is going to release a new album in early March. There is no title to the album yet, but she sings Carpenters songs having Moscow Symphony Orchestra backing her. It is all classically arranged and is pure GORGEOUS!! She sings both in English and in Japanese. Those who do not understand Japanese may have find them a bit strange, but I love them! She puts them into Japanese beautifully, and those who do not quite understand English well will find it much easier to relate to those songs.


1.Medley — Ticket To Ride, We’ve Only Just Begun, Superstar, A Song For You, Desperado

2.I Need to be in Love

3. Goodbye to Love

4. Somebody’s been Lying

5. Rainy Days and Mondays

6. Make Believe It’s Your First Time

7. Lovelines

8. Sing

9. Honolulu City Lights

10. All You Get from Love is A Love Song(waiting on approval)

11. Close To You

<Carpenters Tribute concert in Tokyo on Feb.28,2003>

*There will be a Carpenters Tribute concert held in Tokyo next Feb at a Shibuya Kokaido hall with capacity over 2000 seats. Japanese leading female vocalists will be performing nothing but Carpenters songs with live bands. Keiko Toge– she sang “I Need to be in Love” in a Japanese television show in front of nobody but Richard. She is fairly well know for having an alto voice like Karen. Keiko will be the main vocalist. Special guests are: Emiko Shiratori(link to her CD on, and Akiko Kobayashi. Emiko(link ot her website) was on Yamaha Song Festival with Carpenters when they first visited Japan back in 1970. Karen had supposedly commented on her singing voice as ” You have very nice singing voice”. Emiko is a very well established female singer. Her singing voice is considered to be “healing voice” .Her latest album is NOT on as it has just been released. Her latest album “I’m Here” is < ASIN: B00006S2EZ>if you want to place an order.

<Japanese new limited edition release>(November 27,2002)

*22 Hits of Carpenters 2CD special package is to be released in Japan on Jan. 29,2003. It is a 2CD set: one is an audio 24 karat gold plated CD of “22 hits of Carpenters. “, and the other disk is DVD “Yesterday Once More”. It is a first pressing only limited edition. If you would like, please contact me. DVD is regional code 2 for Japanese/European market.

<Ron Gorow>(October 16,2002)

*Ron Gorow who has been helping Richard since early 70’s has revised his book:Hearing and Writing Music: Professional…(2nd edition)

<Tommy Morgan>(October 16,2002)

*Tommy has also been working with Richard as a harmonica player, notably “Rainy Days and Mondays”. He has a new Christmas album out, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It contains truly beautiful music you must play to celebrate Christmas season.

<News:New US release in October>(October 9,2002)

*”Original Master Karaoke” will be available again early next year in Japan. Whether it will be digitally remastered or not is still unknown.

*There will be “Richard Carpenter/John Bettis Songbook” type of new compilation made to commemorate Karen’s 20th memorial day. It will be another Japan only release.

<News:New US release in October>(September 23,2002)

*4 CD Box Set “Essential Collection 1965-1997” will contain Ella/Karen medley which was originally released as a part of “As Time Goes By” album. Everything will be digitally re-mastered.

*”Original Master Karaoke” may be digitally remastered and re-released. Those who missed it while available, you may want to wait.

<News:New US release in October>(August 10,2002)

*4 CD Box Set “Essential Collection 1965-1997” slated to be released in October in the U.S: Essentially this is “From The Top” plus some more small stuff. “Morinaga High Crown” Japanese Chocolate jingle will be included among a few other things.

* Richard’s Christmas album will be released next year.

<News>(April 25,2002)

*DVD “Gold” is to be released in the U.S end of April. It includes a clip Richard introducing his family. The rest are pretty much like “the best of” stuff. Japanese release of the same title to be followed shortly.

*There will be a two-hour TV special on Carpenters on NHK BS2 on the 19th of May. This program will feature what BBC broadcasted back in early 70’s. Two songs from Richard’s upcoming Christmas album was shot at his own home in California and will also be featured.

*A NHK program,”Music Cocktail”,featured Richard. He performed “I Need To Be In love” with his piano. No, it was not an instrumental version. Richard did the vocal, too! That was a great performance! It was broadcasted on April11th here in Japan.

*Richard’s new Christmas album is coming along nicely, and it looks like it will be released later this year. Fingers crossed!

*Universal music Japan is planning a boxset of Carpenters singles. It is still a very early planning stage, and Japanese A&R of Carpenters will appreciate your input and encouragement. If you have any input on this project, please e-mail me. I will forward it to the person in charge.

<News on US release of ATGB>(October 18,2001)

*ATBG has been removed from US release list. It does not mean it will never be released in the U.S. However, it is very unlikely that the title will be back on the list.Major contributing factor of this decision is US release tracks being cut down.

<Re-issue schedule >(October 15,2001)

*Several titles such as “Interpretations”, “Yesterday Once More”, “Christmas Portrait” and “Old Fashioned Christmas” will be re-mastered by Richard himself and released in Japan in late November. I believe titles such as “Yesterday Once More” of this version has already been out in the U.S.

*”Live at Budokan- Live in Japan 74″ and “Interpretation” will be on DVD and slated to be in Japanese market on November 21. I believe the latter will also be released in countries other than Japan. However, “Live at Budokan” should remain as Japan only release.

<News>(October 3,2001)

*US release of “As Time Goes By” has disappeared from releases list…… I do not know if this mean it is not going to be released at all or they have temporary removed it from the release list.

<News>(October 2,2001)

*Digitally re-mastered Japanesse re-releases! The following albums have been digitally remastered, and will be released in Japan later this year: Interpretations, Yesterday Once More, Christmas Portrait,and An Old Fashioned Christmas. Richard had added ” Just Fall In Love Again” to Yesterday Once More compilation. That is the only difference, Folks!

<News>(September 1,2001)

*BBC Radio2 will be broadcasting Carpenters special on Sundays in September from 4-4:30pm local time. Interview clips are available in audio<>. You can also listen to the program at<>. Access raido 2 homepage for more info.

<News>(June. 13,2001)

*American release of “ATGB” will NOT include3 tracks: Como medley, Nowhere Man,andI Got Rhythm. Japanese release includes everything. Track listing is here.

<News>(June. 13,2001)

*Finally folks, new album “Rainbow Connection – As Time Goes Bys” will hit the street on August 1st!! This is definite and will not move up nor down even if the earth vanishes! Single CD”Rainbow Connection/Leave Yesterday Behind” will also be released on July 25th. This single CD contains a few more song including “Rainy Days”. “Rainbow Connection” is to be a theme song for a nationally syndicated drama from July. This is ALL about Japan, and not in the U.S.

<News>(May. 13,2001)

+I was confirmed that Universal Music may be releasing “As Time Goes By” in the U.S. and they are targeting a release date on September 25th. However, this will be a “cut down version”. I have not information regarding how “cut down” it will be. It looks like ATGB is no longer ” Everywhere but America”.

<News>(May. 8,2001)

+”As Time Goes By” Japanese release date has been pushed back again. It is going to be either July 18th or 25th.

+The international version of the above title — whatever it means — is also listed in July. U.S. release may occur in September. That is ALL I know, folks.

<News>(April. 3,2001)

+”As Time Goes By” Japanese release date is unchanged, and is May 23.

+”Christmas Portrait” and “Old Fashioned Christmas” will be re-released with original packaging and digital remastered sound in Japan later this year.

<News>(March. 21,2001)

+Those of you who has been wondering about Carpenters new P.O. Box. Here it is:


P.O. Box 3787

Thousand Oaks, CA 91359


<News>(Feb. 13,2001)

+Carpenters New Album “As Time Goes By” will be released on May 23rd in Japan. No more delays, guys. This is it!!!!!!!!!!

<News>(Jan. 16,2001)

+Carpenters New Album “As Time Goes By” will be released on April 25th in Japan. There should not be any more delays.

+According to a very reliable source, Richard is thinking about creating a Christmas album this year.

<News>(Oct, 1 2000)

+Ron Gorow who has been helping Richard by taking down in musical notations has recently published his first book called,” Hearing and Writing Music : Professional Training for Today’s Musician”. Richard contributed a forward to this book. Anybody who has serious interests how music works should get it.

<News>(Sep, 30 2000)

+Release of their new album, “As Time Goes By”, is up in the air due to a political problem… I think. Japanese affiliate of A&M wants to release it as soon as they can, however, it can not be done unless its release in the U.S. is confirmed.

+Digital remastered version of all original albums were re-released in jewel cases in Japan. There is a word “EXCELSIOR” printed on the right bottom corner of the album,”Ticket To Ride”. I have not yet confirmed if this is some kind of mistake or it will stay as is.

<News>(June, 30 2000)

+”As Time Goes By” should be released late September or maybe a little later in Japan. Almost ready for mass production but a couple of small things are missing. Richard has written a very informative liner notes. I hope we will have this title in our hands soon!

<News>(June, 6 2000)

+Much awaited unreleased material album” As Time Goes By” to be released this fall in the U.S. Track list as follows:

Without A Song [Music, Music, Music]

Medley: Superstar/Rainy Days and Mondays [Carpenters Very First Television Special]

Nowhere Man [Demo]

I Got Rhythm [Music, Music, Music]

Dancing in the Street [Space Encounters]

Dizzy Fingers [Music, Music, Music

You’re Just In Love [Music, Music, Music]

Karen/Ella Medley [Music, Music, Music]

Medley: Close Encounters/Star Wars [Space Encounters]

Leave Yesterday Behind [Outtake]

Carpenters/Como Medley [Perry Como’s Christmas Show]

California Dreamin’ [Demo]

The Rainbow Connection [Outtake]

Medley [Carpenters Very First Television Special]

And When He Smiles [Carpenters 1971 BBC Television Special]

This is an archive of the news I have posted in the past. Unfortunately, this is all I can find. As far as I remember I had kept posting news until around 2005. Probably I had accidentally deleted some files ;(

<News>(April. 28, 2000)

+Cover photo for Japanese release of “The Singles 1969-81” will be switched to one of the photos taken for Rolling Stone cover from the next pressing. Same releases in other countries may follow the same path.

+Much talked about unreleased material album should be released as soon as the rights for Ella and Como tracks are cleared. Don’t ask me when!

<News>(March. 30, 2000)

+Japan only release compilation album “By Request” is released. Congratulations to those whose comments have included in the bookelt!

<News>(March. 13, 2000)

+Carpenters ” Close to You” is being inducted in NARAS 2000 Hall of Fame.

<News>(March. 12, 2000 )

+If you are interested in purchasing Ron Gorow’s book on music — Richard and Herb has dedicated a word or two to this book–please follow this link. Ron Gorow has been working with Richard since early 70’s.

+Unveiling of the exhibit at Carpenter Center took place on March 19.

+At the unveiling ceremony, the president of CSULB announced that Richard wouldl receive an honorary doctorate degree this Spring. Congratulations, Richard.

+It is very likely that the new album will be called “As Time Goes By”.

<News>(March. 12, 2000 )

+ Long expected unreleased material album,”Evergreen”, will not be called “Evergreen”. They are going to call it something else. With any luck it will be released before summer, and it should be released some time this year. This title will be released in the U.S.

<News> (March. 2, 2000 )

+”By Request” album is to be released on March 29,2000 in Japan. According to the A&R at Polydor, re-mastering technique you can hear on this disk is superb and quite amazing.

+”Evergreen” is scheduled to be released in late April in Japan. However, due to the delay on clearing rights for Ella and Perry medley, it may not be released quite awhile. Let’s hope that the things will soon work out and we will have a NEW ALBUM!!Yeah! Here’s the track list of “By Request” album:

1. Yesterday Once More

2. Road Ode

3. I Need To Be In Love

4. Please Mr. Postman

5. You 6. One Love

7. Can’t Smile Without Yo u

8. Happy

9. We’ve Only Just Begun

10. Superstar

11. Rainy Days and Mondays

12. Top Of The World

13. Close To You

14. Let Me Be The One

15. I Can’t Make Music

16. Sing

17. Only Yesterday

18. Ticket To Ride

19. Sometimes

20. Look To Your Dreams

<News>(Feb. 10, 2000 )

+Carpenter family foundation official website will launch in early-mid 2000 at to Randy for the info.

<News>(Feb. 2, 2000 )

+March 19th event at Carpenter Center is turned out to be a rather private gathering and only a selected group of people have invited to participate.

<News>(Jan. 31, 2000 )

+There will be an unveiling of Carpenters Exhibition on March 19, 2000 at Long Beach State, Carpenter Center.

<New release info>(Jan. 17, 2000 update)

+The photo on “The Singles 1969-81” may be changed in the later date. Thus, it may become another collector’s item if you have purchased the first pressing of “The Singles 1969-81”.

+Artworks for “By Request” have completed and should be released end of Feb.

+Mixdown on “Evergreen”shoud be completed in Jan. Tentative relese date is April 12th 2000 in Japan. However, it may be pushed back to the 26th if the artworks can not be delivered by March.

<Latest info> (Jan. 8, 2000 update)

+A very close source of Richard said that the Carpenter family ( at least Richard and Mary) may visit Japan this spring. Polydor has not yet planned any promotion tour in Japan. One Japanese source said that Richard may be appearing a Japanese TV show which is not necessary music oriented.

+Evergreen: Richard is currently working on mixdown. It looks like they want to keep the track listing somewhat secret or maybe they have too many to chose from ( or is it my wishful thinking?)

+Considering the pace they are working on the artworks of “By Request”, it may be also this spring this title can be finally released.

<New release info>( Dec. 21 ’99 update)

+Request oriented album, “By Request”, can not be released before Feb. because of the artwork problem I have been repeating. Unreleased material album, “Evergreen”, is slated to be released in April.

<New release info>(Dec. 15’99 update)

Singles 1969-81 has just been released in Japan. I have no information regarding this release other than Japan. Please ask your local record store about it. It contains every single they released minus Goofus. Sorry, I have no update other than this.

<New release info>(Nov. 22’99 update)

+”Singles1969-81″ will be released in Japan on December 15th. However, the new audio master does not contain “Overture”. My guess is that this track may be included on the upcoming release in the spring.

+”Evergreen” seems to be the title for the unreleased material album that is slated for the spring release. Therefore, the fan request album which was originally going to be called,”Evergreen”, has to change its titlte to “By Request”. Again, Richard rejected all the artworks prepared by Polydor. The exA&M artwork team will be working on it after carefully consulted with Richard. Hopefully we will see the release of this album early next year.

Carpenters exhibits’ unveiling at Carpenter Center in Cal State Long Beach. (Nov. 17, ’99 update)

Things are flux. However, a source says the unveiling may take place in mid-March.

And an auction of Carpenters memorabilia may also take place around that time.

I still have no update on the unreleased album other than the fact that I was recently confirmed that Richard has been working in the studio and things are progressing.

<New release info> ( Nov. 8 ’99)

* Please note that this info applies only to Japan. For other

countires, pleas ask your local Universal Music/A&M Records affiliate.The Singles1969-1981:

+ Release date: some time in December.

+ The artwork has arrived to Japan on the 8th of November.

+ Polydor will proceed and make it available in the market as soon as possible.

+ This title contains every US single release except “Goofus”. It also contains the newly recorded “Overture”, arranged by the late Peter Knight for an American TV special, “Evening At Pops”, and “For All We Know (reprise)”, originally arranged back in 1972 by Marvin Hamlish of Chorus Line fame for London Bridge Special.


+ Japanese fans have voted and determined the track listing of this title.

+ The artwok has not been approved but Polydor has sent him ” simple but excellent” artworks not too long ago. Hopefully, he will approve it as soon as he sees it.

+ Probably it will be released early next year.

+ Track listing is as follows:

1.Ticket to Ride

2.Mr. Guder

3.We’ve Only Just Begun

4.Close To You

5.Rainy Days and Mondays

6.Top Of The World


8.Let Me Be The One

9.Road Ode

10.Yesterday Once More

11.One Love


13.I Can’t Make Music

14.Only Yesterday

15.Can’t Smile Without You



18.I Need To Be In Love

19.Look To Your Dreams


The order of the tracks may change a bit.

Realities (working title):

+ This is a title we have long been waiting for!

+ It will be over 70 minutes of their ” first time on CD” tracks!

+ Set for next spring release.

+ Final track listing is not confirmed yet.

+ No outtakes from Karen’s solo album to be included.

+ Many tracks from their TV specials will be included.

+ A few sources says there will be ” California Dreaming” and “Nowhere Man” on this disk. Both were said to have recorded at Joe

Osborn’s garage studio in the late 60’s. Yeah!

22 Hits of Carpenters (digitally remastered version)

+ This title was released early September, but it is already discontinued.
+ It contains original album versions which Richard did never or will ever approve.
+ Carpenters disk collectors should get them before they will completely disappear from the martket.